Take more time off

Out of office management for Slack-powered teams.

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Keep your team posted when you're working from home or away on holidays.

How it works

Install to Slack


We'll walk you through selecting an existing channel, or creating a new one.

Book time out


Book time out by with /ooo if you'll be unavailable or /wfh if you're just at home.

Enjoy yourself


We'll keep your team posted with a daily update, and an auto-reply if you're gone.

Out-out or just work from home?

Sometimes you're going completely offline on vacation and don't want to be disturbed, but more often you're working from home or or just not in your regular office.


Use /ooo if you're unavailable, /wfh to work from home

Daily updates for your team

Keep track of the team via the daily status updates in your out of office Slack channel, whether it's just for today or for upcoming holidays.


Type '@brb upcoming' for the latest helps me keep track of the comings and goings of my team better than anything we've tried before. Now I don't need to worry about availability or tracking holidays, it's all right there in Slack!

Chris Hexton, Founder,